int.unity – Building up of an international trade union community in the net: experiences, reports, prospects

Final Symposium on January 27th/28th in Brussels, International Trade Union House

The project int.unity comes to an end in January 2004. We want to present the results of the project at a final symposium to interested European Trade Unions and European Works Councils. Agenda:


19.00 h Arrival

20.00 h int.unity - a contribution to the strengthening of the transnational
cooperation of trade unions in Europe
Tony Kearns, Senior Deputy General Secretary, CWU
Lothar Schroeder, Head of Innovation and Technology Policy, ver.di


09.00 h

Support of Innovations - ESF Art. 6
Liesbet de Letter, European Commission, GD Employment & Social Affairs

09.30 h Online communication in transnational trade union projects -
experiences with the project int.unity

Claus Zanker, project manager int.unity

10.00 h Coffe break

10.30 h The online discussion in the project int.unity: reports and results of the
transnational project teams

- Discussion -

12.30 h International trade union activities and the work of European Works
Councils on the Internet: presentation of an int.unity study

Andrew Bibby, journalist und consultant, Great Britain

13.00 h Lunch

The technology in the project int.unity

14.00 h Computer Support for Cooperative Work -
the int.unity internet platform BSCW

Thomas Koch, OrbiTeam Software GmbH, Bonn

14.30 h Language technologies - possibilities and limits at the overcoming of
language barriers in the project int.unity

Prof. Dr. Johann Haller, IAI, University of Saarbruecken
Rita Nübel, IAI, Saarbruecken

15.15 h The int.unity technology - experiences of the user
Claus Zanker, Project manager, ver.di

15.45 h Discussion

16.15 h Coffe break

16.45 h Demonstration of the int.unity technology

17.15 h int.unity - Building up an international trade union community in the net.
Results and outlook
Lothar Schroeder, Head of project int.unity, ver.di, Berlin

17.45 h End of the final symposium

This agenda was translated from German to English with the help of the int.unity language tools!

int.unity - Building up an international trade union community in the net

It is the intention of the "int.unity"-project to overcome existing barriers in international trade union activities such as geographical distance and language problems of the trade unionists involved by using modern information and communications technologies.

This will be achieved by building up an Internet platform, which can be used by trade unionists for communication in both the German and the English language by means of integrated language technologies. The actual application of language technology and an Internet platform will ensure continuous, efficient and cost-effective cooperation between trade unions at the international level; at the same time the applied technologies will be adapted to the requirements of the target group "trade unions" and "shop-floor workers´ representatives" and optimised on the basis of user feedback as the project develops. This applies to both manageability and user-friendliness of the Internet platform and the quality of translated texts.

The cooperating trade unions will be enabled, through the availability and optimisation of innovative technologies, to discuss important issues in an efficient, high-quality manner and within the European context, to transfer "best-practices" and to agree on joint analyses and action recommendations.