After the end of the project you will find the reports about the discussion in the project int.unity here for download

int.unity – Building up of an international trade union community in the net: experiences, reports, prospects
Final Symposium on January 27th/28th in Brussels, International Trade Union House

The project int.unity comes to an end in January 2004. We want to present the results of the project at a final symposium to interested European Trade Unions and European Works Councils.


int.unity - Building up an international trade union community in the net
It is the intention of the "int.unity"-project to overcome existing barriers in international trade union activities such as geographical distance and language problems of the trade unionists involved by using modern information and communications technologies.


Trade unions meet on the net
The Internet not only brings companies closer together, the trade unions ver.di, CWU and UNI Europe have also started a joint project to overcome national borders and language barriers and to test and improve new ways of cooperating. The project is called int.unity.


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