Project partner:
ver.di - Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft
CWU - Communication Workers Union
OrbiTeam Software GmbH
UNI - Union Network International

Trade unions and the internet / new economy / European works councils:

Trade union projects / co-operation projects of ver.di:

Language technology:

Terminology / data banks
EEC-terminology data bank in different european languages
Online version of the European Employment and Industrial Relations Glossaries in different european languages

Controlled Language
Website "Controlled Languages" (not very rich in the moment)

Machine Translation
Website of the European Association of Machine Translation
Very extensive introduction in Machine Translation (gratis download, takes time); for linguists, computer linguist and interested contemporaries
Contribution of Alan Melby to Machine Translation
Short and clear introduction in the problems of Machine Translation from Alan Melby
"Talking to Strangers": some interesting articles about Machine Translation / Language Technology in the computer journal "WIRED", May 2000

Machine Translation - products
Development and sales of the product used in the int.unity project "Personal Translator PT2002"
Devolpment and sales of the Systran products (=> Systran is used for the Altavista translation service "Babelfish")
German sales for some Machine Translation systems and other language technology

BSCW - Internetplatform
BSCW-Homepage. General information about BSCW, products, software, download, documentation, press articles, references etc.
ÖPublic BSCW server at FIT Fraunhofer - General information about BSCW, feedback, "getting started", scientific publications ("papers") - all in English!
Online-Help for BSCW (German/Englisch)
BSCW-Server int.unity - Access to int.unity workspace - only for project member
Public area of the int.unity workspace
First Groupware Website: contains helpful introductions to CSCW and groupware

European Commission
European Commission - Employment and social affairs / Industrial relations & industrial change
Overview over all ESF Article 6 funded projects