ver.di - Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft ("United Services Union")
ver.di - Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft ("United Services Union") is the German trade union for the service sector and an affiliate of the Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund ("German Trade Union Conferderation"). It was founded in July 2001 following the merger of the Union for the Public Sector, Transport and Haulage (ÖTV), the Union for the Commercial, Bank and Insurance Workers (HBV), the Union for Salaried Employees (DAG), the German Postal-workers´ Union (DPG) and the Industrial Union of Media-workers (IG Medien); with a total membership of 2.8 million it is currently the largest single union worldwide. The "int.unity"-project is implemented by the Innovation and Technology Policy Unit at ver.di head office.

As the project promoter, ver.di will be in charge of project management within the "int.unity"-community and be responsible for the work of the transnational "int.unity"-project teams "trade unions and the new economy" and "trade unions and european works councils".

Communication Workers Union (Great Britain)
CWU was established on January 26th, 1995 as a result of an amalgamation of the Union of Communication Workers (UCW) and the National Communications Union (NCU). The CWU represents some 280,000 workers in the postal services, telecommunications, information technology and allied sectors, including the workforce of the Girobank Alliance & Leicester.

CWU will assume responsibility for the transnational project team "Trade Unions and the Internet" as part of the "int.unity"-project.

Institute of the Society for the Promotion of Applied Information Sciences (IAI) at the University of the Saarland (Germany)
The IAI-Institute which was established in 1985 is involved in research and development in the field of multi-lingual information processing and has gained an international reputation for its work in the processing of human languages, computer-assisted translations, information and knowledge management in the context of advanced information technologies.

As part of the "int.unity"-community, the IAI will be responsible for the entire complex of language technology, notably its implementation on the BSCW-platform, its adaptation to the requirements of the project partners and the monitoring of translation results.

OrbiTeam Software Ltd (Germany)
OrbiTeam Software Ltd is a spin-off of the GMD Research Centre Information Technology Ltd (today: Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology) and has been founded for the marketing and development of the Internet platform BSCW. The development of the BSCW-system was sponsored within the framework of the EU-Telematics Application Programme. The BSCW-system was honoured in 1996 with the European Software Innovation Award (ESIP ´96).

Within the framework of the "int.unity"-project, OrbiTeam Software Ltd is in charge of the installation, operation and optimisation of the BSCW-platform and its adaptation to the requirements of the language technology to be implemented.

Union Network International Europa (Belgium)
UNI Europe is the European regional organisation of the international trade union secretariat for the private service unions, namely Union Network International; it organises workers in the energy industry, financial services, graphical industry, private services, information processing, media, postal services, social insurance, healthcare, telecommunications and tourism. The secretariat of UNI Europe is in Brussels, the global UNI organisation is based in Nyon (Switzerland).

UNI Europe supports the project, notably in the distribution of project results - both in respect of content developed by the transnational project teams and "technical" results in the form of cooperation tools which will be put in place.